The time is near! We’re so stoked to see everyone and play you a bunch of jams!  (at High Noon Saloon)

The time is near! We’re so stoked to see everyone and play you a bunch of jams! (at High Noon Saloon)

A Few Thoughts on Releasing ‘ALL LIVING THINGS’

In just a couple short days, we’ll be able to finally share with everyone something we have worked on for so long. It’s been exactly a year since we first drove down to Chicago and started recording what became “All Living Things.” It has been one of the most patience-testing, rewarding, difficult, and amazing experiences any of us have gone through. 

And soon this won’t be our project anymore, it will be yours. We hope a couple years from now you can listen to this album and remember the end of Summer 2013. You can remember that chilly July weather where it felt like autumn in Wisconsin. You can remember the break-ups and let-downs, the late nights and whiskey shots. Whatever you do with this album, we just hope it leaves a lasting impression. We hope “All Living Things” for you is what “Stay What You Are,” “The Illusion of Safety,” “Control,” or even “Dude Ranch” was to us.

Thank you so much for being so excited about Circus Fires. We just want to make music our friends and family would enjoy listening to, and every time we hear new people enjoying it…that family gets a little bigger. 

If you like what you hear in the next couple days, please share it with other people. Your word-of-mouth is going to take us farther than any blog post ever could. We’ll have more info on how to purchase the album and all that fun stuff, but once again…thank you for listening.


-Ty, Eric, Nick, & Paul

"All Living Things" Tracklisting

Hey everyone,
It’s been a while! We have some exciting updates to share!

Right now, our debut album is in the final stages of mixing, and we should be sending it to mastering by the end of the week!

Also, we wanted to let you all know that this 50 minutes of energy will be titled “All Living Things.”

Finally, we wanted to share the tracklisting:
1. I. Nobody Likes a Morbid Bastard
2. Shelter
3. A Gentleman’s Curse
4. These Synapses Fire Blanks
5. Submission
6. Pull Oceans
7. II. Promise & Demise
8. Earthbound
9. Spent Bullets
10. A Bloody Ransom for a New Life
11. Neva
12. III. Ship Captain

Thanks so much for all of your patience and look out for a whole bunch of updates coming at ya!

-Ty & Circus Fires